Who We Are

To have knowledge is to
be a power in the world


Intellfor Global Strategy, founded in 2009 with the aim of increasing the level of knowledge and awareness in all segments of the society in the field of Information Security, monitoring technological developments related to this subject, contributing to the development of national technologies, and raising awareness about risks at individual, corporate and national levels, has become one of the leading groups of the Turkish Business World with its affiliated companies.
Intellfor Holding, which provides close cooperation with major companies all over the world with its successful operations, is an organisation that continues its activities and investments in many fields such as media, energy, chemistry, defence industry, textile, health, food, logistics, recycling, construction and real estate development, thermal insulation, mining, electronic systems and software sector.

We believe that knowledge is a strategic power,
ülke ekonomisi We work,
produce and create employment for the national economy and share by growing


With our strong, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, we have created different business areas in different sectors and add value to our country as Turkey's leading group of companies.

Intellfor Holding, which works as the main organisation of the group companies, determines the visions and missions of the group, makes strategic decisions, and helps the companies to develop business through joint work.
Intellfor Holding, which offers deep analyses and perspectives on the sectors in which the companies operate, draws road maps on how to achieve the goals set.
Intellfor Holding sets the rules that its companies must follow and supervises compliance with this framework.
The Holding helps the companies within the group to increase their business development success by working together.
Intellfor Holding also considers the contribution of the projects to the national economy and the effectiveness of job creation as well as the benefits brought to the group.